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Post Oak Apartments Reviews

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"I’ve been at Post Oak for almost a year and couldn’t ask for a better living experience. The location is great (close to everything but not too hectic), the apartment layouts are nice, and there are even some sweet local cats to make friends with! On top of this, the office/maintenance staff have been top-notch. They’re quick to fix any problems and are always kind and helpful. This is a great place to live for its price point."

- April 2024 by Abigail Drake

"I'm so glad I chose to live here for the past year. The location is great, the management team is extremely friendly, and the amenities, such as the pool, are top-notch. The laundry facilities are very convenient and the rent is very affordable. Another plus is the friendly cats and the welcoming community of neighbors. I couldn't ask for a better place to call home"

- January 2023 by Ethan Terry

"In the near year I've lived here, I've loved it. The property is well maintained. The maintenance and management are all prompt and courteous in their services and the location is perfect. I hope to continue living here with the same great experience onward."

- August 2018 by Grace J Schmidt
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